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  • Moogle


    Family: None

    Region/s: None

    Habitat/s: None

    Threat: Low to High

    Hostility: Territorial

    Name origin:

    Oddly enough, the Moogles were named by a child who noticed them after their brother had been affected. With few defining features to go by and their non-lethal nature, the whimsical name stuck and spread after each encounter.


    It is impossible to permanently domesticate a Moogle. However, as far as befriending one goes, they are more familiar with and responsive to those associated with dark magic, though less so with those who are simply learning it. They respond more kindly to individuals with the Dark Affinity perk, making them less likely to attack and more likely to leave them alone, unless they get too close to their host or attack one of them.

    Using a Beings spell to summon a Moogle makes them automatically friendly, as they become your summon at that point. However, Moogles can discern between those created from their host and those created from another, leading to potential hostility towards each other in such cases.



    The anatomy of a Moogle is quite strange. Due to their connection to dreams, their skin is held together by magic, specifically darkness, making any contact with light deadly to them. As a result, they are not created through conventional means and do not possess any familial bonds. Instead, they share a hivemind based on the dreams of the person they originate from.

    Moogles have two layers. The first is an armored outer layer, which resembles their main body but is merely a facade to hide their core. This core is typically accessed through their soft sides, particularly their false belly and mouth, which are hollow inside but contain a cloud of darkness that can be expelled like a fog.

    Because they are made from the mana of the dreamer, Moogles can phase in and out, though this takes a toll on both themselves and others made with the same mana, as it uses too much energy. They are essentially forced summons, not requiring the person to have any knowledge of the Beings discipline to exist. However, someone with such knowledge can more easily dispel them or control them to a limited extent if they are aware of their presence.


    Given their connection to one another and their affinity for darkness, Moogles are highly vigilant, capable of seeing through each other's eyes and sensing within darkness to locate their prey. However, their weakness lies in their inability to sense or interact with light, making it possible to use light to gain an advantage over them. This weakness persists even when they try to detect discrepancies within the darkness, as they cannot discern light patches.


    Moogles do not possess a specific lifespan, as they can essentially live indefinitely as long as they maintain their host's mana. For this reason, they are often easily defeated by people. However, in rare cases where the host is alone, Moogles can form a nest around their incapacitated host or try to conceal them, maintaining the illusion of normalcy while keeping their host in a state of peace to continue their nefarious deeds.

    Regarding reproduction, Moogles are made from their host's mana. The greater the mana supply, the more Moogles can exist. Defeating one can result in the spawning of another, albeit at the cost of more mana. Fortunately, the form of creation they undergo is quite efficient, not requiring the host to have experience. Through their method, Moogles can extract more mana from being summoned than others.

    Intelligence, behavior and communication:


    Moogle are quite intelligent in most cases though a byproduct of technically being summons is that they share their hosts intelligence and mentalities meaning the dumber they are, the dumber the Moogle will be with a bit of added intelligence. They are also intelligent enough to believe in strengths in numbers to take down larger prey so it's best not to underestimate them unless you wish to be swarmed.


    Moogles, being agile and all, typically remain to the shadows to stalk those nearby and perform quick strikes that are only aimed to wound people typically and at some point incapacitate them so they can be added as another host. If someone gets too close to their original host or turns out to be tough then a Moogle will go for the kill, wanting to get rid of nuisances. The same can be said for non-humanoid beings as well though become of the hostility others show they've taken to messing with humanoid beings exclusively.


    Moogle cannot speak at all as they can only make slight giggle sounds which they tend to do when communicating with the rest of their kind as well though whether or not that is actually them communicating tends to be a mystery given their already hivemind capabilities. 


    They are not natural beings and as such do not possess a habitat or any of these sort.


    The primary ability of the Moogle is phasing, which allows them to transform into smoke and move through solid objects before reforming back into their original state. This ability can be countered by the use of Light magic or other forms of light, though non-magical or low-intensity light will only partially affect them, causing damage while still allowing them to maintain their phasing ability.


    Dark Armaments
    Moogles can form dark-imbued weaponry from their bodies, sharing the same dark physiology. These weapons deal both dark damage and the damage type associated with the weapon. They can be thrown from their bodies, but will reappear afterward, though at the cost of the parts used to create them.


    Moogles exist as a byproduct of dreams, typically nightmares. While the exact process isn't explicitly stated, Moogles are directly connected to the thoughts of people experiencing nightmares and are subconsciously summoned from them. Moogles ensure that the dreamers remain asleep throughout this process. Those afflicted cannot be easily woken by normal means because they are under the effect of Sleep+, meaning that unless they receive significant stimulation or are awakened through magical means, it is nearly impossible to wake them.


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