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  • Gods of Heledarkik


    Gods of Heledarkik is a religion that, as the name says, encompasses all of the Gods that the Heledarkik people believe in. Previously, each region had their own God and they often clashed with the others over who is the supreme one but they were eventually united by the Godspoken, a group of Floraph who believed that all seven were equal Gods and should be worshipped as such. A main difference compared to most other faiths is that their supposed Gods are tangible and exist in the form of seven absolutely gigantic, mountainous monsters that are filled to the brim with magic and so powerful that they altered the landscapes and even the life on Heledarkik itself, also being responsible for the Elsion having turned the way they are. While they are likely not real Gods, the Heledarkik people would view you as a heathen for believing that, faithfully believing in their divinity.
    Each of the seven is attuned with a specific element except one who is more aligned with pure mana but people prefer to view it as the God of the stars instead.

    They are:
    Fire = Vikathos
    Water = Neiviae
    Lightning = Lynthara
    Earth = Povya
    Wind = Vulprixa
    Ice = Dulqueros
    Star = Qsortara

    Each of the seven is unbelievably powerful and can communicate with the great priests of each region - also called the Sacrificioner - showing they are not mindless monsters but possess a great intellect, able to manipulate the people of Heledarkik to do their bidding and punishing them if they are not able to satisfy them. Something all of them want equally, no matter how different they are, are sacrifices - people. They are not satisfied with merely animals or food but want people as sacrifices, being the main motivation why the Godspoken Empire started attacking other continents during the 6th century since it would be better to sacrifice strangers than their own people - which they were also still doing. Why these supposed Gods are so cruel, nobody knows. It is clear that the sacrifices are not eaten since their corpses are disposed of later. Only the highest echelons of the faith, such as the Sacrificioners and the high priest know more about the whole situation.
    Either way, it is a cruel and highly indoctrinating faith, its higher ups not even shying away from brainwashing, parasites to control people and staging entire invasions to get more sacrifices. More and more, all to satisfy their "Gods".

    Region/s with the most followers: All of Heledarkik

    Establishment of the faith/ideology: Around 200 ACW

    Demographics of the faith/ideology:

    While each region still prefers their own God, they still worship the other ones. However, the vast majority of believers is from Heledarkik with some also living in Ongirada after the 7th century started.

    Their regions are:
    Vikarnia (Vikathos)
    Neivana (Neiviae)
    Lynthel (Lynthara)
    Povbarna (Povya)
    Vulprathi (Vulprixa)
    Dulchan (Dulqueros)
    Qso (Qsortara)

    As you can see, the regions were named after the "Gods" though each also has some sub-regions and multiple biomes even if they are similar.


    There are still "heretics" cults - that were previously full religions - that each believe in one of the Gods individually while rejecting the other six. While the Godspoken inquisition is trying to stomp them out entirely, there are still cult quarters here and there around Heledarkik.


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