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  • Elemental Magic

    • Disciplines: Lightning, Water, Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth

    One of the most common forms of magic and common in all cases, Elemental Magic is a type of magic that wields the elements at ones fingertips. From freezing winds, to scalding seas, it's known for it's pure and simple dynamic and combined versatility with each and every other branch of mysticism. It relies on the creation, manipulation, and shaping of various elements to perform ones spells.

    These elements are as followed:

    • Lightning
    • Water
    • Fire
    • Ice
    • Wind
    • Earth

    Contrary to expectation however, Elemental Magic isn't the true manifestation and control of the elements but magic imitating the properties of elements. Mana transforms into what is called Magic Fire, Magic Lightning, whereas they retain most of the realistic properties they are never 1:1, back to back the same thing. One vivid example of this juxtaposition is Magic Lightning. Where normal lightning strikes at a far less impactful scale, it's magnitudes faster than the purple lightning created by magic.

    It is here that the complexity of Elemental Magic begins. 

    One philosopher would describe magic as replicating the concepts of the elements, similar to what one believes each element to be. The versatility of spells created by these elements can extend to beams, armors, explosions from flame, or immediate heat removal with ice. It is not purely the use of the element in question, but the mandate that it carries. An umbrella term for the respective niches attributed to what you believe the element to be.

    Elemental Magic is famously known for it's sextuple rock/ paper/ scissors mechanic, where Lightning has an advantage over Water, Water against Fire, up to how Earth's effective against thunder. A striking advantage that could shift the tides of battle.


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