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  • Shark finned wolf


    The shark finned wolf is a common predator that can be found in coral forests. While they are among the lower tiers of predators, they can still be dangerous if encountered as whole packs.

    Hybrid types: Fish and mammal

    Family: Wolf

    Region/s: Faizeon

    Habitat/s: Coral forests

    Threat: Low but can be dangerous as a pack, especially if led by an alpha.

    Hostility: Highly hostile when the pack is hungry and also territorial.

    Name origin:

    They are not exactly sharks and more like wolfs, so people decided to call them shark finned wolves instead of simply shark-wolves like you might have imagined to make sense. They are primarily mammals despite being partially fish.


    Domestication is near impossible and barely tried as a result, compared to normal wolves which resulted in dogs. Curiously enough, it is not entirely impossible and there have been successful cases in the past. Shark finned wolves make for loyal companions even if they are on the weaker side and a few that have been raised and bred in captivity eventually became something close to shark finned dogs which is counted as different animal.


    Shark finned wolves are, despite being partially fish, mammals and reproduce as such. They live in close-knit packs that often follow an alpha, so they communal animals. They tend to live roughly as long as regular wolves - if not killed by more powerful predators or hunters.
    They are not only fast but can also swim exceptionally well, using their fin-like tails to boost their swimming, allowing them to hunt both on land and in water. It is best not to try to outswim them. They can also breathe both underwater and on land, a fascinating ability that many fish-something else hybrids of Faizeon developed.
    Alphas are biologically stronger variants that are still the same species but different enough to also look different, having a large fin on their back, darker colors and a more muscular build. Their strength and speed far exceeds that of a regular shark finned wolf and their presence can rally other members of the pack to be more courageous, so if you have to fight a pack of them, always kill the alpha first since they make the entire pack much more dangerous.

    Intelligence, behavior and communication:

    While not exactly the most intelligent creature, they are highly aware of danger and can gauge whether taking down some prey is worth it with how strange Faizeon animals can be. They have learned to notice that, if an animal is a wild mix of characteristics of different animal classes, they tend to be more powerful, staying clear of the high tier animals.
    Just like normal wolves, they can communicate over howls and prefer to alarm their pack if danger approaches. A shark finned wolf is loyal to its pack and would never run away on its own, especially if they could protect the younglings of the pack. As parents, they are extremely protective and attack even harmless animals if they get too close to their young.
    The alpha, on the other hand, is the most respected member of the pack and rarely challenged due to how much more muscular and strong it is compared to regular shark finned wolves, so battles for supremacy over the pack happen only rarely if ever. Alphas have a clear biological advantage and they know this.


    Due to how common they are, there are generally large populations around Faizeon as a whole. They are not even close to being endangered and reproduce fast enough so that overhunting is not a concern. Their primary enemy are other predators and people, especially hunters that aim to cull their numbers since a fighter can easily deal with individual shark finned wolves and keep them in check in smaller numbers.
    Their worst enemy, however, are apex predators. Whenever they appear, packs of shark finned wolves flee as fast as possible, not wanting to end up as prey. Though some packs are riskier and follow unaware apex predators to eat the leftovers they leave behind.
    As predators, they are entirely carnivorous and hunt other animals, mostly small ones but they would also hunt similar sized creatures if hungry enough.


    Shark finned wolves are normally nothing special and mostly act like regular wolves that can swim much better. However, an alpha being around completely changes things.
    Alphas have the ability to unleash a warcry-like howl that rallies the other shark finned wolves so they fight with more coordination and relentlessly. Aside from that, alphas can also use the sharp fin on their backs to deal slashing damage and have a strong bite that is hard to get out of once they munch down - often doing this so the other shark finned wolves can repeatedly attack the held target.


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