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  • The Supreme Arms of Transcension wielded by the Chosen of Raiwaldi



    Raiwaldi was a master blacksmith who died possibly in the year 1000 BCW. There is not much known about him except that his weapons counted as the best in the whole world. No matter how hard they tried, nobody could match his skills and every single one of his weapons was traded as a rarity.
    People believe that Raiwaldi I. originally made them for the great heroes that fought against Varnus as he was alive during the brunt of his invasion.

    It is said that he created a set of legendary weapons that all have special powers. Possessing one of them would mean to have one of the strongest arms in the whole world but they are the stuff of legend and almost impossible to find because of that. Most of them are in the possession of legendary fighters.

    These legendary fighters are called the Chosen of Raiwaldi, no matter whether they want to or not. Once you become the wielder of one, you will be known as a Chosen of Raiwaldi henceforth though each of them also have their own titles to set them apart, depending on their fighting style or the legend they carved for themselves.
    However, just beating a wielder to become one yourself is not enough and a futile effort if you are not even a master of the weapon type. The legendary arms are neither intelligent nor sentient but they can 'choose' who is worthy of wielding them.
    To be chosen as worthy, you must be a master of the weapon type the arm is, have tremendous power and whatever else the weapon requires you to be treated as worthy since they all have different requirements. Anyone trying to wield a Supreme Arm of Transcension who was not chosen by the weapon will find it literally impossible to ever pick it up. No magic, no brute strength, not even magic beings can lift them up and they will refuse to move even an inch if not wielded by a worthy warrior. It might be quite possible that a wielder perishes in some way and nobody worthy shows themselves, leading to the weapon staying on the ground indefinitely.
    Those that wielded them in the past were often famous warriors, great heroes or even villains as the weapons have no morals and only care about how worthy you are to wield them.

    The arms and their chosen
    The longsword Rimgard: While it lacks great magical abilities like most of the other weapons, it does not need them due to its absolutely incredible physical strength and its ability to cut through almost anything, even Oralchonite and the most powerful magic. While it cannot cut through the other arms of Transcension, it can still attack past them instead.
    Rimgard's chosen: Bettany, All-severing lady of the owls



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