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    Gods of Heledarkik

    Gods of Heledarkik is a religion that, as the name says, encompasses all of the Gods that the Heledarkik people believe in. Previously, each region had their own God and they often clashed with the others over who is the supreme one but they were eventually united by the Godspoken, a group of Floraph who believed that all seven were equal Gods and should be worshipped as such. A main difference compared to most other faiths is that their supposed Gods are tangible and exist in the form of seven absolutely gigantic, mountainous monsters that are filled to the brim with magic and so powerful that they altered the landscapes and even the life on Heledarkik itself, also being responsible for the Elsion having turned the way they are. While they are likely not real Gods, the Heledarkik people would view you as a heathen for believing that, faithfully believing in their divinity. Each of the seven is attuned with a specific element except one who is more aligned with pure mana but people prefer to view it as the God of the stars instead. They are: Fire = Vikathos Water = Neiviae Lightning = Lynthara Earth = Povya Wind = Vulprixa Ice = Dulqueros Star = Qsortara Each of the seven is unbelievably powerful and can communicate with the great priests of each region - also called the Sacrificioner - showing they are not mindless monsters but possess a great intellect, able to manipulate the people of Heledarkik to do their bidding and punishing them if they are not able to satisfy them. Something all of them want equally, no matter how different they are, are sacrifices - people. They are not satisfied with merely animals or food but want people as sacrifices, being the main motivation why the Godspoken Empire started attacking other continents during the 6th century since it would be better to sacrifice strangers than their own people - which they were also still doing. Why these supposed Gods are so cruel, nobody knows. It is clear that the sacrifices are not eaten since their corpses are disposed of later. Only the highest echelons of the faith, such as the Sacrificioners and the high priest know more about the whole situation. Either way, it is a cruel and highly indoctrinating faith, its higher ups not even shying away from brainwashing, parasites to control people and staging entire invasions to get more sacrifices. More and more, all to satisfy their "Gods".
  3. Dandycat

    Curse of Inversion

    A particularly nasty affliction in how innocuous it is especially when first inflicted. Some long-lasting tainted form of order magic that alters how you mentally move your body. A fairly recent invention by an archmage named Edozohr has grown more popular and widespread these last two decades to spring on a foe. Try to walk forward, you just took a step back... want to keep your eyes open? Better close them... you can't even imagine inverse breathing all these contradictions in normal living all at the same time. Made worse by the fact it then constantly flickers back to between one's normal operation. Then back to the cursed inverted controlling state. One gets used to it, but when a switch occurs it's a real bother. A weak yet long-lasting strain for 1 year. An inconveniencing impact for one month. A strong debilitating for one week. Or a crippling rapid shift back and forth for one hour. (1%/5%/10%/50% chance that in combat your body's control will invert and you will fail your aims thus losing your turn's action. Roll before each turn and lose it on a 1, depending on the strain via a 1d100, 1d20, 1d10, or 1d2 to change the body's control. Incorporate such shifts as you will in calm RP in appropriate intervals.)
  4. The affected no longer has a heartbeat, instead possessing a glass heart that has become a weak spot. The rest of their body functions as normal. The affected is also dangerously empathetic, as in receptive to the emotions of those around them, which could psychologically fuck them over as they could have a difficulty differentiating their own feelings with that of others. A strong enough heartbreak will shatter the glass.
  5. Something that is not a curse but that cannot exactly be ccalled a disease either. The Overflow Infection is not exclusive to Colanrhoxians but happens to them the most often since it is caused by using or being subjected to extreme amounts of aether. Colanrhoxians using their normal abilities are usually fine but it becomes dangerous once they keep using it beyond their threshold, especially if they reach extreme levels. For non-Colanrhoxians, being exposed to massive amounts of aether is the trigger which only happens rarely, like falling into an aether fountain. Once you have the infection, there is nothing that can be done to remove it. It is a permanent condition that will eventually turn you into an aether being - an infection aether being. These former people have lost everything that made them a person and have become the same as other aether beings, devoid of any personality or self. The process is irreversible. However, the transformation is not instant and can be slowed down. When slowed down, it takes around 10 years to turn while not doing so has it take around 5 or less years. The progress can be checked on the infected's body. Thick veins start appearing all over their body, including their face, that are often white but can sometimes also appear in the aether color of the infected. The more they spread, the closer you are to turning. Most of the time, it is considered more ethical to put them out of their misery before they turn so they can die as a person and not become a mindless being made out of aether.
  6. Gota


    Oralchon has some of its own arcanas used for tarot cards. They hold more symbolical meaning and have nothing to do with religion, more so spirituality, for some even philosophy. Either way, the arcanas hold no actual magic within them but some divination mages still like to use them to attach certain meanings to them though considering how dangerous future sight is, you should always take predictions with a grain of salt since there are barely any mages that would risk that just for divinations for other people. However, that does not undermine their importance as spiritual guidance for some people, real or not. They can be found here:
  7. Raiwaldi was a master blacksmith who died possibly in the year 1000 BCW. There is not much known about him except that his weapons counted as the best in the whole world. No matter how hard they tried, nobody could match his skills and every single one of his weapons was traded as a rarity. People believe that Raiwaldi I. originally made them for the great heroes that fought against Varnus as he was alive during the brunt of his invasion. It is said that he created a set of legendary weapons that all have special powers. Possessing one of them would mean to have one of the strongest arms in the whole world but they are the stuff of legend and almost impossible to find because of that. Most of them are in the possession of legendary fighters. These legendary fighters are called the Chosen of Raiwaldi, no matter whether they want to or not. Once you become the wielder of one, you will be known as a Chosen of Raiwaldi henceforth though each of them also have their own titles to set them apart, depending on their fighting style or the legend they carved for themselves. However, just beating a wielder to become one yourself is not enough and a futile effort if you are not even a master of the weapon type. The legendary arms are neither intelligent nor sentient but they can 'choose' who is worthy of wielding them. To be chosen as worthy, you must be a master of the weapon type the arm is, have tremendous power and whatever else the weapon requires you to be treated as worthy since they all have different requirements. Anyone trying to wield a Supreme Arm of Transcension who was not chosen by the weapon will find it literally impossible to ever pick it up. No magic, no brute strength, not even magic beings can lift them up and they will refuse to move even an inch if not wielded by a worthy warrior. It might be quite possible that a wielder perishes in some way and nobody worthy shows themselves, leading to the weapon staying on the ground indefinitely. Those that wielded them in the past were often famous warriors, great heroes or even villains as the weapons have no morals and only care about how worthy you are to wield them. The arms and their chosen The longsword Rimgard: While it lacks great magical abilities like most of the other weapons, it does not need them due to its absolutely incredible physical strength and its ability to cut through almost anything, even Oralchonite and the most powerful magic. While it cannot cut through the other arms of Transcension, it can still attack past them instead. Rimgard's chosen: Bettany, All-severing lady of the owls
  8. One of the most common forms of magic and common in all cases, Elemental Magic is a type of magic that wields the elements at ones fingertips. From freezing winds, to scalding seas, it's known for it's pure and simple dynamic and combined versatility with each and every other branch of mysticism. It relies on the creation, manipulation, and shaping of various elements to perform ones spells. These elements are as followed: Lightning Water Fire Ice Wind Earth Contrary to expectation however, Elemental Magic isn't the true manifestation and control of the elements but magic imitating the properties of elements. Mana transforms into what is called Magic Fire, Magic Lightning, whereas they retain most of the realistic properties they are never 1:1, back to back the same thing. One vivid example of this juxtaposition is Magic Lightning. Where normal lightning strikes at a far less impactful scale, it's magnitudes faster than the purple lightning created by magic. It is here that the complexity of Elemental Magic begins. One philosopher would describe magic as replicating the concepts of the elements, similar to what one believes each element to be. The versatility of spells created by these elements can extend to beams, armors, explosions from flame, or immediate heat removal with ice. It is not purely the use of the element in question, but the mandate that it carries. An umbrella term for the respective niches attributed to what you believe the element to be. Elemental Magic is famously known for it's sextuple rock/ paper/ scissors mechanic, where Lightning has an advantage over Water, Water against Fire, up to how Earth's effective against thunder. A striking advantage that could shift the tides of battle.
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