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  • Overflow Infection


    Something that is not a curse but that cannot exactly be ccalled a disease either. The Overflow Infection is not exclusive to Colanrhoxians but happens to them the most often since it is caused by using or being subjected to extreme amounts of aether. Colanrhoxians using their normal abilities are usually fine but it becomes dangerous once they keep using it beyond their threshold, especially if they reach extreme levels. For non-Colanrhoxians, being exposed to massive amounts of aether is the trigger which only happens rarely, like falling into an aether fountain.

    Once you have the infection, there is nothing that can be done to remove it. It is a permanent condition that will eventually turn you into an aether being - an infection aether being. These former people have lost everything that made them a person and have become the same as other aether beings, devoid of any personality or self. The process is irreversible.
    However, the transformation is not instant and can be slowed down. When slowed down, it takes around 10 years to turn while not doing so has it take around 5 or less years. The progress can be checked on the infected's body. Thick veins start appearing all over their body, including their face, that are often white but can sometimes also appear in the aether color of the infected. The more they spread, the closer you are to turning.
    Most of the time, it is considered more ethical to put them out of their misery before they turn so they can die as a person and not become a mindless being made out of aether.


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