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  • Timeline


    The timeline of the overall history of Oralchon. This is missing tons of details and only shows the most important events, some might also be missing, so do not think this is complete! Country foundation dates will be added as they get them since not all of them have one yet. Making consistent history is extremely difficult.
    The earliest history is not known by characters IRP! The more known history starts with the Age of Supremacy although there are people that know about the Magi and their downfall due to events that happened IRP. Most early history is a mystery, however.


    Earliest history
    - Around 6015 BCW (657 in AEG): The crew of the Galactic Wanderer reaches Proto-Oralchon, a non-magic world that did not have an ounce of magic in it yet.
    - Around 6007 BCW: More people arrive on the planet after they built a space station and first colonies on Proto-Oralchon. The one later known as the Hermit was also on the planet during this time already.
    - Around 6003 BCW: An unknown event happened, the aether flow appearing for the first time and basically "splitting" the world in a magic and a non-magic half although each became a full planet. Colanrhox was the non-magic half, Oralchon the magic half. People that stayed on the Oralchon part, consisting of humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, and goblins, lost all their memories of high-tech and anything futuristic, having them degress to a more antique state. However, they kept their knowledge about basic principles and matters such as smithing, agriculture, husbandry, and so on, making it so Oralchon never had a stone age but the people already started out with a lot of basic technologies.
    This was also when Hoshiko fell into the aether flow and was trapped in it for over 6500 years.
    - 6002 BCW - ???? BCW: The original races started to spread around the world and multiply although most orcs migrated south and a lot of goblins to both the south and north while humans, dwarves and elves spread everywhere. Due to having been together for so long, racial differences were meaningless and culture became more important to differentiate people. The first actual Oralchian civilizations started to rise up.
    - ???? BCW: People started to harness magic for the first time, leading to the development of the term "Magus/Magi" which was not a culture but rather a term for people that were good at using magic.

    The age of the Magi
    - ???? BCW: Beginning of the age of the Magi which had many civilizations become magocracies as they put their faith in the hands of the wisest and most powerful mages although this was not the case everywhere.
    - ???? BCW: The Magi are able to accelerate the cultural but not technological progress of some civilizations and most people were able to harness magic. It was a golden time for mages and a cultural boom.
    - ???? BCW: A group of Magi from ? start to conduct more and more new experiments that spread to other Magi, eventually leading to the creation of the chimera and its hundreds of different types. Some people thought creating them was an affront to nature and dangerous and there was a war between the region that was formerly North-Ongirada and South-Smerala, heavily halting the progress in North-Ongirada once they lost and the victorious Magi kept doing their chimera projects.
    - ???? BCW: The Grimoires exist by this point although their actual creation date - or when they appeared - is unknown. A group of Magi from a few islands in the western Smeralan ocean almost destroys the world by abusing the Grimoire Chronos. After they were stopped, time magic was banned everywhere and eventually died out.
    - Lots of lost history, help find it with excavation
    - ???? BCW: The first Collectors from Colanrhox appear after their world was starting to dry up and lost most of its aether. Both worlds actually had decent aether supplies but Hoshiko, having already lost her mind, cut off the connection towards Colanrhox, forcing them to attack Oralchon in a massive invasion that the Magi could do nothing against since Collectors were invisible for them and they could absorb any magic.
    - ???? BCW: The Collectors killed hundreds of thousands of people and destroyed entire civilizations, pushing the world to the brink of collapse. A group of desperate Magi created an unknown application to revert the aether flow which would end the Grand Age of Magic. After their success, the Collectors stopped attacking Oralchon since Colanrhox got its aether supply back. Sadly, Oralchon lost a lot of magic and many people lost the ability to use magic and classes at the same time, leading to a long, long time where you could only learn either and where only certain people were born with magic. The Grand Age of Magic AND the age of the Magi were over as the last few real Magi died shortly after, exhausted from the ritual.

    Unknown age?
    - ???? BCW: An unknown age started that is not much known about since an extreme amount of history was lost during and after the demise of the Magi. Many books, artifacts and buildings were lost until archaelogists would find them several millennia later again.
    - ???? BCW: The world slowly recovered from the invasion and the remains of the destroyed civilizations started rebuilding.
    - 2700 BCW: After the world recovered enough, the age of Supremacy would begin, an age that had civilizations rise to even greater heights than even the Magi - just with far less magic.  The beginning of the age of Supremacy started with the foundation of the ancient Uhldamari Empire that stretched from East-Smerala, minus Trastulla, to the middle east.

    Age of Supremacy
    - Lots of history that is most likely recorded somewhere but not really defined yet (like the fall of the Uhldamari Empire), so this is more of a placeholder until I have more ideas and it will probably grow organically as people find remnants from this time.
    - Around 2400 BCW: Zenarkand, seen as a successor to the old Uhldamari Empire, is founded as a magic kingdom, quickly dominating the region politically although they did not start their invasions yet.
    - 1950 BCW: The kingdom of Atypia is founded by Karon Vylossis after he united the various smaller kingdoms into a bigger one.
    - 1800 BCW: Cirleton is founded by the first royal Cirleton, becoming a small island nation. There are many myths around the foundation of Cirleton and one popular one is about the first Cirleton having made a pact with an ancient dragon.
    - 1600 BCW: Amtudis, back then just an assembly of clans, is founded as the various clans decided to become a country together. They were far from becoming industrial since nothing industrial existed yet.
    - 1544 BCW: Zenarkand conquers many areas in East-Smerala to become an empire.
    - 1510 BCW: Harengard, who would later become known as the Great Conqueror, takes control over the original, much smaller, Amtudis, starting his conquest to forge an empire of his own.
    - 1500 BCW: Moosahim is founded by the first sultan. The area Moosahim was founded in formerly consisted of many small regions that were all controlled by dozens of merchant guilds without any actual nation around. The first sultan is known as a legendary diplomat who was able to make deals or convince every single guild master to come together, creating Moosahim in the process which had sufficient funds right from the get go. The sultan had plans for a road going from the east to the west before even uniting the country and his ambition to see it come to fruition, as he instantly started the project, able to make a deal with the Dragon Emperor of the time, was what people consider the spark that led the world into the Age of Transcension.

    Age of Transcension
    - 1488 BCW: Amtudis, led by Harengard, conquered most of North-Smerala except Insingius and Forshevaleaux, elevating them to the state of an empire as they started to progress even further.
    - 1470 BCW: After many years, the dragon road going from Qishanoi through the middle east all the way to the west was finished, bringing the world closer together.
    - 1457 ACW: Harengard disappeared and was thus considered dead, leaving behind the Amtudisian empire to his people. After his death, Amtudis decided to let the military run the country, becoming a stratocracy.
    - 1400 BCW: Lontheho is founded by Varnus after he arrived at the wild island that was mostly inhabitated by tribes, monsters and necromancers that used it as their hideout. After forcibly bringing them all under control, he started to call himself the Dark Lord and made plans to extend his influence, seemingly having found a way to live for multiple centuries.
    - 1325 BCW: Bendraism is founded by the first prophet. There is not much known about the actual process and most details were lost.
    - 1320 BCW: Benestrel is founded by the first prophet of Bendraism, making it the Holy Land. It was not that big back then but quickly started to spread the new faith, fueled by their belief in Bendrae.
    During the same year, the first king of Đajštania founded the kingdom, starting on a mountain range. He was mostly interested in mining and protecting his mining city but the kingdom eventually grew in the future.
    - 1100 BCW: Larsenar is founded by Benestrelian settlers and was once a part of the theocracy. However, due to the accomplishments of a duo that consisted of a lord and a bishop, they were granted the lands they settled, leading to Larsenar which started out small but settled more and more of the lands around them.
    - 1073 BCW: Dark Lord Varnus started to expand outside of Lontheho, flooding the lands of the western portion of South-Smerala (which would become Desma and Hevska in the future) with his dark hordes. The people living there were caught unprepared and massacred until they surrendered. This made the rest of South-Smerala aware of Varnus and his plans, quickly banding together to fight back against him.
    - 1071 BCW: Varnus made a deal with Ralkatiel, one of the Indomitable Six Overlords of the demon world, helping the Dark Lord in his conquests. What Ralkatiel wanted, nobody knows.
    - 988 BCW: Atypia is overrun by a horde of Varnus' soldiers that each were contracted to a demon, making half of it a demon army. Many landscapes and cities were ravaged, leading to the hate Atypia would hold against demons for a long time. However, Atypia did not fall.
    - 985 BCW: Benestrel and Đajštania
    hold on together against the dark hordes. Their great time of working together had the kingdom become more amicable towards Bendraists which would, in the future, lead to the country converting to Bendraism.
    - 981 BCW: Dark Lord Varnus makes use of the powers of Ralkatiel to annihilate any foe in his way, greatly helping his push against the other nations in South-Smerala as Larsenar fell against the dark hordes and Benestrel and Atypia were starting to feel pressured.
    - 978 BCW: In a time of need and no hope, the great hero Garan rised! He started out as a commander of Benestrel before his incredible leadership abilities and strength made him become the great general of the Anti-Varnus forces. With his help, Benestrel and allies were able to secure many victories and even took back Larsenar.
    - 971 BCW: Varnus and Garan face each other in a decisive battle close to the Atypian capital. There are not many records of this battle and most do not seem trustworthy but it is known that Garan won and was able to slay the Dark Lord. Sadly, the wounds he suffered also led to his death but his victory gave new hope to the people. There is a legend that he was able to drag himself to the holy cathedral all the way in Benestrel, dying while prying in front of a statue of Bendrae. Nobody is sure if this is true and it seems unlikely considering how far away the Atypian capital is from the holy cathedral. He would have died long before reaching it.
    - 954 BCW: After many years of endless fighting, the dark hordes of Varnus, continuing even after his death, were annihilated and Lontheho was razed to the ground. This made everyone believe evil was fully defeated and nobody would live on Lontheho anymore. However, some of his followers survived and would continue to do so in the shadows for many, many years to come, rebuilding Lontheho secretly.
    After the invasion of darkness was over, Bendraism quickly started to spread all around South-Smerala since it was mostly the Bendraist forces that helped them survive. Atypia had also converted during the invasion.
    - 700 BCW: Azelgreb was founded after the dragon road became extremely profitable and successful, centuries after it was completed. It was founded by a group of sailors that worked together with a merchant guild that created the first naval portion of the dragon road, going from Azelgreb to southeast Smerala (which would become Kanrandez later).
    - 450 BCW: Hevska was founded by a powerful witch, creating it as a haven for witches since they were considered strange and unnatural during that time with how only select few people could use witch magic.
    - 300 BCW: Desma was founded by a mercenary that wanted to unite the thousands of mercenary groups that were all spread around the region that would become the later Desma.
    - 200 BCW: Kadarmsted was founded after a huge peasant revolt ripped the kingdom apart that previously ruled the region, the peasants breaking off and becoming their own nation.
    - 150 BCW: Aretthian was founded. More details will be added as its history gets expanded.
    - 100 BCW: The world transitions into the age of Turmoil and Progress as conflicts between mages and non-mages start to spread around the world, especially in places where one heavily outweights the others, such as the still non-magical Amtudis, the heavily magical Qishanoi, and so on. The resulting turmoil as their conflicts spark up over the next 10 decades would be what transitions history into the Age of Turmoil and Progress.

    Age of Turmoil
    - 90 BCW: Conflicts started to spread more and more, even reaching all the way to Saisheng, Ngurang Ao, Raknelvia, and Ongirada although it was the least present in Ongirada.
    - 73 BCW: Grarnswig is founded as a magocracy. This was still decades away from the start of anything industrial, so they were not as technological as today although they already had many talented scholars.
    - 70-20 BCW: The conflicts between non-mages and mages explode, starting what would later become known as the Critical War, a war even bigger than Varnus' invasion 900 years ago. The war spread all around the world and had nations from Smerala, Raknelvia, Saisheng, and even Ngurang Ao fighting each other while Ongirada was mostly excluded, only Naryt supporting the non-mage side.
    - 18 BCW: The Empress of Qishanoi becomes drunk with power and drafts the majority of the population to fight in the war. With them at the helm, the mage side secured victory after victory and Amtudis was hit especially hard, ravaging the empire which would lead to their long hatred for mages (which they gave up once the second Grand Age of Magic started in the future).
    - 6 BCW: When everything seemed lost for the innocent population that was despairing and fearing they would have to fight for many more decades, the legendary six High Mages of old appeared, among them the Hermit which had actually lived for over 20.000 years by now and who was part of the colonization by people from other planets you can read about in the earliest history. They fought both sides head on and had magical abilities that far exceeded everyone else's. With them at the top of the anti-war forces that wanted to end the war, people regained their hope and started one last push to bring the leaders engaged in the war to their senses. Among them is even an important court mage of the Empress of Qishanoi who had decided to side against her.
    - 0 ACW: After a long, extremely difficult battle, the High Mages were able to secure peace once again, ending the Critical War and giving peace back to the world.
    The High Mages of old were heroes that history would remember forever. After the Critical War, the world had to recover again but it would rise like a phoenix, greater than before! To honor their legacy, Smerala, Raknelvia, Saisheng and Ngurang Ao would get their own group of future High Mages although the ones in Ngurang Ao eventually disappeared with only one left.
    - 2 ACW: A witch from Hevska founds the first iteration of the Erkulum as a witch school in unclaimed lands that would later belong to Trastulla. This version of the Erkulum has almost nothing to do with the present one.
    - 5 ACW: Trastulla was founded by Eduald Trastulla, one of the great six High Mages of old. He arranged himself with the witch that founded the Erkulum and it continued to exist within the new nation's borders, still as a witch school exclusively.
    - 8 ACW: Arven, a friend of Eduald, established Arvensfort.
    - 9 ACW: Rufus, the brother of High Mage Eduald, attacked Arvensfort with an undead horde while Arvens and Eduald were away, stealing the Grimoire Vita that Eduald was keeping there.
    - 10 ACW-80 ACW: The High Mages of old except the Hermit most likely died during these years but nobody is sure about their actual death dates except Eduald who died during 64 ACW.
    - 90 ACW: The new High Mages in Ngurang Ao disappear one by one without having any successors. Only the Hangkopur High Mage was able to find one and would be the last one of the continent. This was also the time when Hangkopur started to become more and more fanatical and some people think there might be a connection.
    - 105 ACW: Amtudis and Zenarkand make hostile contact again after they had fought viciously against each other during the Critical War but are not at war yet.
    - 148 ACW: The first machine run by steam was invented in Kalens, kickstarting a long period of industrial progress although it would proceed to only develop slowly and only until a certain point due to how Oralchon works and the world itself made it not possible for electricity to be invented.
    - 161 ACW: Amtudis adapted to the uprising industrialism and used their newfound technological progress to become a military superpower. However, they also started to develop new machines that could be used against mages and it started their suppression of people with magic abilities.
    - 190 ACW: After an incident during which Amtudisian officials where captured and killed in Zenarkand, the two empires declared war on each other, marking the beginning of a conflict that would last multiple centuries.
    - 230 ACW: Esnado was founded by a group of rich people that thought it would be amusing to buy their own land and make a country out of it. Never did they imagine it would actually become a decently sized and well-known country in the future.
    - Some placeholder history that is not defined yet but might get more developed later. Definitely known IRP with how recent it is.
    - 496 ACW: Fursredo is founded by multiple nations that decided to band together to create a federal republic. The former countries would become states within the new nation.
    - 512 ACW: Tobilo is founded by Tobi Tobilo after he arrived at the island and, apparently, said: "This is my island now, deal with it."
    - 515 ACW: It does not matter for history but this is the date when the RP started! It was also the year when the Erkulum became a normal magic school after Trastulla and Moosahim started an educational partner program which had battle mages come to Trastulla and spell mages to Moosahim after Moosahim constructed a dragon road trading post in Trastulla.
    The Khabukim also started to become a huge problem for the dragon road, razing and pillaging caravans, trading posts and settlements. A group of Erkulum students fought them but had to escape. (I am only noting this down because it was the very first battle of the RP)
    - 516 ACW: The year when Zenarkand decided to force Trastulla to join them. However, Elfard, the High Mage of the time, refused and fought Belzham, the emperor of Zenarkand. Elfard won and beat Belzham but succumbed to his wounds and old age, making Raignald the new High Mage of Trastulla.
    - 517 ACW: Amtudis attacked and conquered Insingius.
    The train was invented by Jelgard, revolutionizing the transportation of wares and public transport - only in places that had them, though.
    Zenarkand's ruler Belzham was selected as a High Mage, much to the dismay of Trastulla and Amtudis.
    - 518 ACW: Belzham kidnapped the daughter of High Mage Raignald of Trastulla to force Trastulla to do his bidding. However, the Buster Imps, a magic guild within Trastulla, were able to free her. Everything was exposed during a great political summit and Belzham was stripped off his title as High Mage, making Zenarkand the laughing stock of the continent and having many other nations stop their support for Zenarkand.
    - 519 ACW: Belzham supposedly died and one of his relatives took over. However, it was later revealed that he orchestrated his death to be safe from assasssins. Once this had things go south, he came back to fix it, becoming a laughing stock once again.
    - 520 ACW: The second Grand Age of Magic begins after a group of people from the Buster Imps, led by a mysterious man (Ersting) unlocked the seal. This reverted the aether flow once again and made it flow towards Oralchon, heavily increasing the magic throughout the world. This allowed every person to use magic and classes at the same time, no longer restricting magic to people that were born with the talent. Anyone could learn it now! As response to this, Amtudis realized it was pointless to hunt mages anymore, fully accepting them and integrating the newfound possibilities as they would later become one of the leading magitek researchers.
    However, Colanrhox would once again suffer from a drain of aether and the sitation prior to their invasion during the age of the Magi would be restored.
    At the same time, Mojaii was taking the very first steps into early magitek. These events together ended the Age of Turmoil and Progress and had the world transition into the current age - the magitek age.

    The magitek age
    - 520 ACW: While they were not fully attacking yet, unknown ships from a force far west that was not discovered yet and unknown to the world started to test the defenses of coastal coutries in Smerala. This was the begin of their great invasion later.
    As response to the attacks and the general political unease, the Pact of Smerala was created, a union of independent countries that worked together to protect the continent, founded by Grarnswig, Cirleton, Mardek-Hal, and Trastulla.
    Amtudis started its last great offensive against Zenarkand. During the battle, which took place inbetween Zenarkand and Aretthian, both Belzham of Zenarkand and Mirlar of Amtudis fell in battle, Amtudis winning the battle and breaking through.
    After Kristania took over, having an artifact that was owned by Harengard and proved she was a descendant of him, Amtudis would temporarily become a monarchy which was despised by the military and many parts of the population. However, under her lead, Amtudis captured the Zenarkandi capital and won the war that had waged for multiple centuries. Amtudis took over the original Zenarkand lands and forced the rest of Zenarkand to be split into 4 new countries, dismantling the empire.
    - 521 ACW: Amtudis, Forshevaleaux and Jelgard created the Imperial Alliance, a union similar to the Pact of Smerala but one that allowed offensive wars.
    Moosahim created the Trade Union of the dragon Road to have their own union focused on trade, mostly with members from the middle east.
    Nationalism started to spread in Amtudis which was also adopted by some other countries later on.
    Forshevaleaux and Amtudis enter a personal union with no junior partner as their rulers married. This worsened the opinion most of the Amtudisian populaton had of the new monarchich regime, the military already making secret plans to remove the "empress".
    The great Moosahim Express, which is a train line going from Jelgard to Moosahim, was put into motion, connecting the north with the middle east by train.
    In the same year, the Erkulum was attacked by a big group of Collectors from Colanrhox which had already showed up here and there in Oralchon, pursuing the same goal as when they attacked back then during the age of the Magi - getting aether since they were running out. The Erkulum was destroyed in the process and many students and professors died. The Erkulum would be rebuilt two years later.
    Various countries start exploring and colonizing formerly unknown regions, such as West-Ongirada, starting colonialism. Various countries joined the colonial race.
    Melhaven was founded as a free, independent colony and city-state in a newly discovered ocean with many islands west of Ongirada.
    - 522 ACW: The Khabukim declared war on the Qishanoi Empire. The reason why they terrorized and plundered the dragon road was to get enough money to pay the tribute towards Qishanoi and also to ensure their own survival. They eventually had enough once the empress decided to wipe the Khabukim out, the nomads striking back at Qishanoi before they invaded the empire. This, however, was used by her brother, Arihisa the shogun of Eastern Qishanoi, who made an alliance with the Khabukim but did not attack yet. The evil empress was dethroned by her younger sister Xiaofan who became the new empress but Arihisa used the weakness of Qishanoi during the ruler change to attack together with the Khabukim.
    Xiaofan had no choice but to surrender, giving Eastern Qishanoi its independence, which became Hisawara, and paying large reparations to the Khabukim. The new empress would do her best to fix her older sister's mistakes and to be a better ruler.
    Hisawara joined the Imperial Alliance soon after.
    In the same year, Mojaii finished developing the very first airship which would later revolutionize the world in its own way, becoming a vital new transportation method.
    In Amtudis, Wendelgard, a general, performed a coup against the monarchic regime, backed by the military. She won and turned Amtudis back into a stratocracy, celebrated like a hero that removed the "evil" monarchic influences from their country. This also broke the personal union with Forshevaleaux.
    Due to an unknown event, the ocean west of Ongirada suddenly "sunk" and became a gigantic hole as the islands started to rise up into the air, becoming the sky ocean. This made colonies like Melhaven into sky ocean nations.
    - 523 ACW: They had done full attacks before but the invaders from the west now started a full on invasion against Smerala, being too powerful to stop them as they win battle after battle. The Colanrhox attacks had also intensified. Later that year, the invasion luckily stopped after they had taken enough prisoners to sacrifice and got a new high priest. Smerala did definitely not win and was only spared out of luck and a mercy as the former invaders sailed back far west.
    Hisawara declared war on Qishanoi after the leader of Forshevaleaux convinced Arihisa to do it. Their goal being to become the new Dragon Empire under Hisawaran rule.
    The concept of Humanoid Rights was invented and published.
    - 525 ACW: The Garan canal, which goes through Atypia, was finished and would connect the western and eastern world by ship much easier since you previously had to sail around all of Ongirada first. A big boom to trading.
    - 526 ACW: The war between Hisawara and Qishanoi ends with a de facto loss of Hisawara after the shogun was captured by the true Dragon Emperor who was a real dragon which nobody knew before. He had ruled in the shadows and there never was a change in rulers as he had been the Dragon Emperor for millennia. He eventually decided to dissolve the dragon throne and the Qishanoi Empire, leading to Hisawara and Qishanoi both being their own independent countries officially. Xiaofan and Arihisa, the rulers of both, also reconciled as siblings and bettered their relations.
    During the same year, Moosahim knew that Forshevaleuax was behind the war between Qishanoi and Hisawara which had heavily damaged the dragon road. As such, the sultan decided to enforce a large embargo on the Imperial Alliance which he asked other countries to do as well - even Qishanoi joined. This forced Amtudis to dissolve the Imperial Alliance and apologize to Moosahim which led to the embargo being lifted for Amtudis, Jelgard and Hisawara. However, it continued for Forshevaleaux and Kleinsreich, the latter having to deal with a massive peasant revolt that would rip the country apart.
    Forshevaleaux' last emperor disappeared after ruining the country, leaving Forshevaleaux in shambles as a massive civil war started. Amtudis used this to bring the situation back under control by annexing Forshevaleaux, giving them full control over the entirety of North-Smerala.
    Shortly after, Amtudis declared war on the anti-imperial union which consisted of Jhurlberg, Zirrigad, Anelda, and Kalens.
    Afterward, Kleinsreich fell and most of it defected to Kadarmsted while the rest joined  Benestrel, fully removing the kingdom from the map.
    526 ACW was also the year where the magitek revolution truly began, 520 ACW having been the first baby steps.
    - 527 ACW: The colony Uberticos becomes independent after Bendraists took over and became too much of a burden for Fursredo to handle.
    - 528 ACW: The Oralchians allied the Achroma in Colanrhox, a resistance group that was on their side and helped them against the other Colanrhox civilizations.
    Due to a special goose being able to get the goose crown, most geese became sentient and founded the monarchy Honkland in the sky ocean.
    - 529 ACW: Aziboda, a kingdom in Ongirada, is conquered by the empire Kudoruk.
    The first magitek tank was invented in Amtudis.
    - 530 ACW: Amtudis wins the war against the anti-imperial union, fully annexing all countries except Kalens which is given to Jelgard.
    - 531 ACW: Sebastian Kahlor, the reformer, officially begins his heretical movement against the Bendraist church.
    - 532 ACW: This was a special year in the history of Oralchon. The Collector attacks had intensified so much that it became similar to when the Magi were overrun by them during the age of the Magi. However, a group of heroes was in Colanrhox, fighting the person ordering the attacks, a person just called the Patron Maiden who acted as the leader of the Azuli civilization in Colanrhox. They eventually beat her but the real person behind everything was Hoshiko, who fell into the aether flow over 20.000 years ago and since then had become mad, trying to get out of it, even going so far as to try to destroy both worlds to do so. The High Mages and many other great heroes fought her in the aether flow itself until they were able to snap her out of it. Everything ended with the two worlds reuniting, Colanrhox becoming a part of Oralchon, and the Hermit fulfilling his duty, finally allowing him to die. Oralchon itself had moved into the Riza galaxy, back to the position of Proto-Oralchon and the aether flow was now inside the planet, as a part of it. The aether flow now being inside Oralchon also increased the overall magic of the world, creating a new proficiency called Archsage that was on the same level as High Mages.
    A massive celebration happened in Desma, celebrating the world being saved and reunited with Colanrhox.
    The Colanrhoxians were now part of Oralchon and the Azuli, Emisa, Crimora, Ameru, and Golduri civilizations became de facto countries of Oralchon, as part of the new Colanrhox continent.
    (In the same year, Elfina Vylossis finished her adventure in the demon world after she destroyed the fake Grimoire called the Demonica which contained the soul of the demon High King. However, since this has nothing to do with Oralchon itself, it is not part of its history.)
    - 533 ACW: The Golduri switched to the aether flow faith that they founded which basically worships the aether flow itself.
    - 534 ACW: Sebastian Kahlor officially founded the Liberal Bendraism denomination of the Bendraist faith, openly opposing the church in Benestrel. The faith itself was founded in Đajštania which was the first one to convert.
    Kilin'chū-ie is founded by Illioran settlers.
    - 535 ACW: More and more nations joined in on colonialism, even empires like Hisawara and Qishanoi.
    - 536 ACW: The Liberal Bendraist League declares war on the Crest Bendraist League, a massive conflict breaking out in Smerala that would engulf most of the continent.
    - 538 ACW: Tressa of the Golduri discovered that every Colanrhoxian has an aether affinity that can easily be awoken ever since the aether flow moved into Oralchon. She also invented the first aether weapons that would mark the beginning of more advanced aether research.
    - 539 ACW: The first ever Merc Corps were founded after more and more Desmanian mercenaries displayed open disdain with how things were going for them.
    Anferia established the first actual police organization that is not just like the imperial police of Amtudis, also establishing a whole research facility to delve into forensics.
    Arestartes entirely capitulates to the Crest Bendraist league and is replaced by Falestia, a kingdom with a distant relative of king Klemens Vylossis of Atypia on the throne.
    A crops and husbandry depression happens in Smerala, causing a lot of suffering and hunger.
    Amtudis declares war on Aretthian in hopes of securing a path to their exclave in Zenarkand-Amtudis.
    Esnado invents the magitek jukebox.
    The Bendraist league war ends with a shattering victory of the Crest Bendraist league, fully dismantling liberal Bendraism and forcing Đajštania to accept a new king and convert back to Crest Bendraism.
    - 540 ACW: Vinebeard, the legendary pirate that terrorized the sky ocean and even became a threat to colonial powers, is beaten and captured by Baron Eckert, an Amtudisian admiral. Vinebeard is then executed in Almbarg but not without telling the world about the legendary treasure he hid somewhere in the sky ocean, causing a new age of piracy as more and more crews become sky pirates to find his legendary treasure.
    Amtudis beats Aretthian, taking some land from them and installing a puppet regime in the rest.
    The Colanrhoxians invent Aether ball.
    Capstania is founded in Ongirada.
    Forshevaleaux revives as Siegrain returns to Oralchon.
    After an incident at Ganstretz, the five great powers of Raknelvia, which are Hemmonis, Drufalga, Wremania, Visganro, and Galfar, start an all out total war against each other, having the north go down in the flames of war.
    - 541 ACW: In Desma, mercenaries that are fed up with the old ways join various PMCs, the new name for merc corps, to start an uprising agains tthe old-dated government, trying to rip Desma apart.
    The continent Faizeon is discovered by the famous explorer Auguston and others like Jimmy. Faizeon never had any contact with other continents before - aside from the former masked invaders in the north that still attacked them at this point in time - and it was a fascinating experience for both the Faizeon people and the rest of the world. They have none of the other races and completely new ones and while not technologically advanced, had some advanced magic and enchantments. After their discovery, they built up relations with the rest of the world and adventurer kingdoms from the "old world" started to sprout up in the huge wild lands of Yefey, one of the four landmasses.
    - 542 ACW: Qishanoi in turmoil. Hangkopur sends their best assassin to Qishanoi to interrupt the wedding of empress Xiaofan who ends up in a critical condition and becomes infertile, making it impossible for her to create an heir. Since this makes her niece Yukio the heir and possibly next empress during Xiaofan's condition, many bureaucrats and generals start to rebel and split off, causing Qishanoi to enter the Downfall, a huge civil war that has the potential to rip the empire apart.
    Moosahim uses the situation to take control over the entire dragon road, basically cutting it off at the middle east and removing eastern competition to have exclusive trading with the West through it. The sultan decided to rename it into the Sultan's road. This would only worsen Qishanoi's situation.
    - 543 ACW: Atypia forms the Holy Atypian Empire after having received backing from most of the Bendraist Unification and beating Benestrel when it comes to scheming. The Holy Atypian Empire would consists of the former member states of the Unification, united into one huge empire led by the Vylossis dynasty who's ruler would be both Saint and emperor in one person - the Saint Emperor or Empress.
    The shogun of Hisawara, Arihisa Sansu the great liberator, dies when he tried to fight the awakened ancient being Jashin who had been rampaging through Hisawara, causing countless deaths. He was succeeded by his still 12 year old son Yosuke who decided to turn Hisawara expansionist by attacking the warring rebels in Qishanoi.
    - 544 ACW: Arkarn is defeated by the northern alliance and its land split up between Forshevaleaux, Norton and Jelgard. Due to the barbarians not wanting to back down, Forshevaleaux commits genocide against them which is shunned by many that know about it.
    - 545 ACW: The civil war in Qishanoi ends. After the rebelling bureaucrats and generals depleted their resources they came together for a peace conference during which Qishanoi's High Mage, Hépíng guī, was able to convince them to change the government to a magocracy. This reunited the empire and allowed it to heal.
    Visganro was beaten during the great war of Raknelvia and perished.
    The Golduri, the Ameru, Amtudis, Jelgard, Grarnswig, Mojaii, and Madinat-Alsahar discover how aether actually turns into mana by researching what they called aether fountains - crevices in the earth overflowing with aether. They also make said fountains able to be used for magic energy production by building structures using both magitek and aether tech on them.
    Galfar was beaten during the great war of Raknelvia and perished.
    - 546 ACW: Grarnswig invented the first form of movies.
    Hemmonis was beaten during the great war of Raknelvia and perished.
    After Siegrain's death, Forshevaleaux fell apart due to a civil war once again and, again, it was Amtudis coming in to restore order. This time, however, for good.
    - 548 ACW: Tsuki Sansu returns to Hisawara to challenge her brother Yosuke for the position of shogun and is victorious, disposing of the patriarchal part of the title and making shogun gender-neutral. In the same year, she would also exterminate the rest of the traitorous Sazama clan and establish a secret police.
    - 550 ACW: The great war of Raknelvia finally ends with a Drufalgian victory, leaving Wremania in the dust. The monarchist empire would take many decades to recover but catapulted itself to be one of the biggest global powers in the world. After its recovery decades later, it would continue to increase its influence.
    - 553 ACW: Years after Saint-Emperor Klemens Vylossis of the Holy Atypian Empire retired, his daughter Elfina in charge now, a conspiracy was in motion. Said conspiracy was led by a senator who would end up betraying the Saint-Empress by exposing her as a half-demon. While most of the empire was mostly confused about it, it was the Atypians that went up in arms in a massive rebellion because of their deep hatred for demons. Said insurrection was so intense it spread to other parts of the empire and led to the downfall and fracture of the once holy empire. The former Saint-Empress had to flee the country and found exile in Amtudis while Andreia Vylossis, an extremely distant relative and the grand duchess of Falestia, was put on the throne of Atypia while keeping Falestia, Treogorsia and Walesseria under her control, so Atypia did not lose any land and was still bigger than it was before the formation of the holy empire. Kadarmsted, Kleinsreich, Larsenar, Benestrel and Đajštania broke off and became independent again. During the turmoil, Cleyefen had used the opportunity to conquer some land in South-Smerala.
    - 554 ACW: The adventurer kingdoms that had formed in Yefey, consisting of former adventurer bands from all over the world, had become actual nations and integrated themselves into Faizeon. Many of them would slowly assimilate into Faizeon as they marry locals and have a roughly 75/25 ratio of Faizeon race children with them. Though they would hold onto their respective cultures which made Yefey an extremely colorful place.
    - 558 ACW: In Etingnun, members of a resistance group that had been active ever since Etingnun finished conquering all of Marhnzon many decades ago, started to strike and incite a revolution. While it was devastating and destroyed entire areas in the territories they were active in, they failed spectacularly and only cemented the faith of the people in the efficient imperial government of Etingnun. Due to how they did not really achieve anything, it did not become an important point in history for Etingnun.
    - 560 ACW: 7 years after the Holy Atypian Empire fell and the people had been directionless, many losing faith in the Bendraist faith after the fall of the unification, the magic ascension experienced a renaissance that started in Uhlpur. After adopting it as state religion and furthering its growth as a part of a secret propaganda campaign, it was received far better than the government had anticipated. So much that missionaries were sent all over the place, especially South-Smerala where the once again rising ancient faith found fertile soil to grow. As a result, Đajštania, Kadarmsted and Kleinsreich converted away from Bendraism to join the magic ascension while Cirleton and Atypia adopted liberal Bendraism even though it had lost the league war decades ago. Benestrel and Larsenar were enraged and formed the Bendraist Union to combat the heathenous new faith while Kadarmsted and Kleinsreich united to form Kadarmsreich, the biggest magic ascension union in Smerala. Đajštania ended up supporting Kadarmsreich without joining them while Uhlpur also got involved in the region by supporting the other magic ascension states. The Bendraists, on the other hand, joined hands with the Sun temple that was fighting Uhlpur in Saisheng.
    - 561 ACW: As a result of the turmoil in South-Smerala, the increased aggression of the northern alliance, and the retirement and death of many old rulers that had personally known each other, things changed in Smerala. The assembly of Smerala tried to combat the rise of conflicts but eventually falling apart, marking the end of yet another fultile attempt of keeping Smerala together. Many also marked this as the decline of "biased" politics because rulers personally knew each other and instead grew more distant.
    - 572 ACW: In Ongirada, Tijuraka and Begnam were on the rise. After Tijuraka was able to reform into a monarchy thanks to Begnam decades ago, they were able to mostly catch up technologically. Using this, they destroyed the Akzuscha federation to take over their lands while forcefully integrating the tribes. Not long after, in the same year even, they attacked Tamra-Ikku to conquer more land for the both of them. After beating Tamra-Ikku in 575 ACW, they did not split the land but instead decided to unite their royal families and countries to form the commonwealth of Begnam-Tijuraka, a rising power in North-Ongirada.
    - 575 ACW: Ufalla was able to become the very first High Mage magocracy in Faizeon after establishing contacts with the various magocracies around the world. They also adopted the magic ascension as state religion.
    - 580 ACW: The revolution brewing in Ngurang Ao against Hangkopur breaks out but is extremely inefficient. Instead of forming an entirely united group, each of the rebelling countries had their own independent resistance groups. While they worked together, they each had their own agendas and were too disunited, Hangkopur using this to crush them. With that, the first attempt at a revoution in Ngurang Ao failed. The sultan of Srivahawa and his daughter, seen as the ones that started the idea of a revolution, were executed and replaced with relatives. Vhidjarati, on the other hand, had rebelled so many times, it was annexed by Hangkour after its last queen was executed.
    - 602 ACW: Things seemed to be going well in Yefey as the nations there had all grown to a decent size. It was also the beginning of a new century. However, things would go horrendously wrong when Velneska, a lich created by the hidden ancient being Anzhan, decided to take official control of the Astan Magocracy and have her undead hordes attack everyone around her. Chateauvigne, Fiore and the Order of the Emerald Frog were hit hard while Wajnes was outright annihilated and conquered. The rest of Yefey reacted quickly by forming a coalition but the endless undead army was too powerful to beat, making it so they had to go on the defensive and try to survive somehow. This would continue for many, many decades, as the undead hordes slowly chipped away at the defenses of the coalition that tried everything in their power to keep them at bay. Many considered it the same as the Varnus invasion but just in Yefey. The people from the continent north used this to heavily increase their attacks on Faizeon. They also started to colonize large swathes of land in Ongirada.
    - 608 ACW: Gromkazad was annexed by Kudoruk.
    - 616 ACW: As a result of the undead invasion in Yefey, the Astan Magocracy had started to support a powerful necromancer in Faoceyn, helping said necromancer to topple the ruling High Mage and establish a dark necropolis. Faoceyn, previously a safe haven for undead and living alive, changed drastically and became similar to the Astan Magocracy, deploying hordes of undead to attack their neighbors except Drufalga.
    - 629 ACW: After almost a century of political stagnation, Colanrhox has decided to end said stagnation by opening up their borders more. While they were still reluctant, they opened up more and entered the world of global politics. The many aether related research projects the Golduri and Ameru had going on with other countries tremendously helped with this.
    - 631 ACW: After conquering land from Shaa-Nia - which was against the principles of a High Mage - Uhlpur lost their High Mage title which would go to Madinat-Alsahar.
    - 634 ACW: Mardek-Hal is diplomatically annexed by Grarnswig who both agreed to them merging while keeping Grarsnwig as the name.
    - 645 ACW: Illiorad, after they had spent centuries on unethical research, used their successful experiments that involved creating more powerful soldiers, to attack parts of mainland Ongirada, seemingly having gone mad as they plan to conquer large swathes of land out of nowhere.
    - 630-660 ACW: The northern alliance, consisting of Amtudis, Jelgard and Norton launched multiple large campaigns against Raknelvia to conquer more land because they dreamed of unifying the continent. After many decades of constant warfare, they were able to conquer all the land starting from Amtudis' borders up to Balu Magg and from Jelgard to Gaspartik, heavily expanding their lands. However, the result of these relentless campaigns was that more and more of the world became wary of their true nature and realized what warmongers they were while rebellions and resistances inside the alliance lands started to grow in numbers but so did the brutality with which they were struck down.
    - 666 ACW: (OoC, this was the start of the rebirth of the server after a long timeskip)
    The research cooperation of Amtudis, Jelgard, Grarnswig, Mojaii, Madinat-Alsahar, the Golduri, and the Ameru, that had existed for over 100 years, reached its climax. While they had already discovered aether fountains, their connection to the aether flow and the theorem of aether death over 100 years ago, it took them a long, long, long time to actually fully unleash the potential of aether fountains since it was too difficult for them to figure out how to make them useable for energy generation. In 666, they finally managed to figure it out, making it so that aether fountains could be used to generate absolutely massive amounts of energy needed for magitek. The possibilities were endless and would lead to countless new technologies that were impossible before. This possibility and the full usage of aether fountains would lead to the world entering the mid-magitek era in 666 ACW. The future was here.
    - 667 ACW: A person named Arstol Ennezan appeared in Zenarkand-Amtudis, starting a movement to fight for the rights of the Zenarkandi people since they had been the most oppressed culture underneath the Amtudisian boot after losing the war against them a century ago. Even others that were conquered in the meantime were not treated this unequal. Arstol, however, avoided using violence, instead starting peaceful protests and amassing more and more followers among the Zenarkandi. This led to a large number of strikes and protests that the Amtudisians were not sure how to handle. Not long after, a more violent faction came to power within Amtudis' military council and the new Grand General gave an order that warranted all of this to be put here - to kill Arstol and exterminate all of his followers which would mean an onslaught on the Zenarkandi.
    They successfully killed him and caused a bloodbath but the Zenarkandi did not sit by idly and the Amtudisians' actions caused a continental outrage. Not long after, Zenarkand split off Amtudis to start a civil war, openly backed by many countries. Central Smerala and the Lodge of Raknia block even directly joined the conflict to help them.
    - 668 ACW: The people from the unknown continent start a greater invasion against Ongirada, starting with Kuetaul and Huapayotl while also attacking Illiorad when coming across them.


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